Monday 15 February 2010


Wild West towns often started off as rag tag mining camps flooded by men seeking their fortune from the East coast and beyond. Out of their parents reach and without a calming female presence, gold prospectors, other than sieving for gold, indulged in gambling, thieving and other unworthy forms of vice. As the towns built up from tent peg to wooden edifices, a whole illicit economy emerged aimed at these testosterone filled males: saloons, opium dens, brothels, gambling joints-anything to liberate the prospectors bag of his gold dust.

Sunday 14 February 2010

A Day in the life of Wacky Town.

Are your jeans designer?

A cowboy's uniform consisted of a broad brimmed hat to shelter them against the elements, a bandana to absorb their sweat or to cover their mouths in a dustbowl, chaps, worn over the trousers to make riding comfortable or to protect them whilst working with livestock and a sturdy pair of long legged boots for walking through the brush.