Sunday, 24 January 2010

A bad time to lose a contact lens...

Being far away from the well patrolled towns of the civilised East, Wild West towns were plagued by ruthless gangs of thugs, outlaws, desperadoes and down on their luck cattle men. What made the situation worse that these low lives were young men in the pursuit of a new life away from an admonishing parent. Rabid hoodlums united together, roamed from town to town, raiding banks and saloons and being a general nuisance. Recognisable by their adopted gang uniform and rituals, you didn't want to get in a blood feud with these guys. The only ones gutsy enough to stand up to them were Lawmen, hired mercenary Pinkertons and the Vigilantes, towns folk who were fed up with the bedlum in their midsts.

(Wargames Foundry Old West Figures, designed by Mark Copplestone)

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