Saturday, 30 January 2010

I should have put a first class stamp on my letter!

You've heard of snail mail, how about pony mail? Thanks to the endurance of 183 men and their ponies the good town folks between Missouri and California always had mail. And with a 10 day wait and at a cost of around one dollar per half an ounce a parcel, it was an incredible service. So how do I get to work for Pikes Peak Express? Simple, you don't need a driving licence for a coach- that's too cumbersome. To earn $100 per month, you must be born in the saddle, young and sturdy. $100 per month! Do I need to worry about dog bites and cat scratches? No not all. Only marauding tribesmen, cunning bandits and scorching plains-but fear not, you will only be exposed to them at intervals of 75-100 miles until the next fool...I mean....postal delivery man takes over. Sorry, the vacancy has been filled by the Telegraph Mast. No need to apply.

(Wargames Foundry Old West Figures designed by Mark Copplestone)

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